May 7th, 2009

soak up the sun

Kindle screensavers: Mike Kungl's Disney illustrations.

For those of you who are Disney fans but prefer an art deco look to that of art nouveau, Mike Kungl's work might be something you'd like. His paintings are fantastic: crisp lines and a stylish feel that still manage to maintain that classic "Disney" air. You can see his portfolio at MKungl Studios.

I've turned four of Kungl's Disney pieces into screensavers for your Kindle. Each screensaver file is grayscale and 600x800 in size -- click on the preview images for the full-sized pictures.

→ No hotlinking.
→ Please comment when taking a graphic or downloading a mix so I can see what people like!
→ When using icons or other graphics, please credit jesspark or whatzitsgalore.
→ Do not redistribute.
→ Enjoy! :D

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If you need help adding (or removing) custom screensavers from your Kindle, this guide tells you everything you need to know.

Cleaning up and formatting these pictures took longer than you might think, so I ask that you please don't alter or redistribute them. Thank you!

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