Jessica Park (jesspark) wrote in whatzitsgalore,
Jessica Park

WALL•E desktop icons!

I was absolutely enchanted by Disney/Pixar's newest film, WALL•E, and this led to making desktop icons... twenty of them! WALL•E, EVE, M-O, and the movie's other 'bots are all here, ready to bump, roll, and zoom their way across your computer screen.

→ No hotlinking.
→ Please comment when taking a graphic or downloading a mix so I can see what people like!
→ When using icons or other graphics, please credit jesspark or whatzitsgalore.
→ Do not redistribute.
→ Enjoy! :D

Here's a preview:

Click on this slightly scaled-down image to see the OS X icons displayed at 48x48 each.

I'm pretty new to desktop icon-making, so these aren't the most polished icons in the world (for that, check out "WALL-E EVE" by Maximilian Larsson, a beautiful OS X icon set devoted entirely to EVE that can be found here), but I thought someone might enjoy them, regardless. :) These icons were originally created on a MacBook; however, I converted them to .ICO format for Windows users, and I'd love to know if they work properly on a Windows machine (or if the OS X icons work on someone else's Mac, for that matter). Oh, and if you're looking for some desktop wallpaper to go with your new icons, definitely take a look at this post by monkeycompass that includes a beautiful image of WALL•E for both single and dual screens. It's perfect!

Without further ado: WALL•E icons for OS X (download) and for Windows (download).

Making these images into icons took more than a few minutes, so, if you decide to download them, please take the twenty seconds to comment and let me know! I'd really appreciate it. =) Besides, people who download without commenting make WALL•E sad, and you wouldn't want to make WALL•E sad, would you?

ETA: 274 OS X icon packages and 214 Windows icon packages downloaded, and only a fraction of those users commented... that's a lot of people who make WALL•E sad. :(

Cross-posted to buy_n_large and whatzitsgalore.
Tags: animation, desktop icons, movies, pixar, wall-e
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